Self-service kiosks for your business

Self-service kiosks

Certified NRDATA self-service kiosks speed up and simplify customer service and reduce labour costs for the company.

The certified NRDATA self-service checkout with its modern look, user-friendly interface, and simple operation will allow your customers to make purchases or place orders without a cashier and pay with a bank card at the self-service kiosk terminal.
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Benefits and features of the kiosks

Self-service kiosks speed up and simplify customer service and reduce labour costs for your company.

Customers make up their shopping basket by selecting items from a screen that displays each of your products along with a beautiful picture or by scanning an item with the integrated barcode scanner.

NRDATA self-service kiosks have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and simple in use.

The possibility for the customer to create their order themselves - for example, to customise a pizza by choosing the desired ingredients.

The user interface is available in different languages: Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, and Finnish.

The self-service checkout can be used as an additional solution to reduce queues during busy times.

The administrator can change, add, or remove items, prices, names, and discounts.

Choose the kiosk that works best for you

Self-service kiosks can be placed in a convenient location for the customer and take up less space than a conventional cash register. Self-service kiosks can be equipped with electronic scales or a video surveillance module to track and verify each purchase.

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NRDATA self-service kiosks can be used in shops and catering establishments. They can also be used for automating the entrance at museums, events, sports clubs, car parks, etc.

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