Certified cash register system for garages

NRDATA offers the GNS program for garages. The GNS management program (hereinafter – program) is intended for automation of garage operation.

The program automates orders, maintains a vehicle and their owner database, as well as manages work of equipment and mechanics. The program plans work of equipment and controls their load.

The program works in conjunction with the GNS warehouse program, uses stock of existing articles, in order to use the necessary materials for repairs. The program allows to enter payment documents, change tariffs, and submit bills – invoices, bills of lading and terms of reference. Along with the warehouse accounting program, it is possible to control debtors, stocks and perform other accounting functions, as the program is part of the GNS of the enterprise. Documents of the program create accountings and account balance changes that affect balance and turnover situation of the enterprise.




This feature allows you to manage the program and database remotely from any location, where an internet connection is available.

Possibility to download payments from a bank account.

The GNS program ensures registration of warehouse operations and a detailed register of articles. The program allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing balances and to make inventory of materials.

There is a possibility to download payments from a bank account.

Iespēja ielādēt apmaksas no bankas konta pārskata

The GNS program provides records about involved parties, the possibility to create profiles for partners, add documents and enter data, which allows to find necessary information quickly and easily.

The program makes it easy to prepare such warehouse documents as bills, invoices, advance payments and others.

The GNS program creates interactive reports for price comparison analysis, listing movement of articles and warehouse stocks, as well as previous service data summaries.

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