GNS management program for retailers

The GNS program is suitable for any retail enterprise and trade chain. Modern and user-friendly interface. Import of current and prior products. Barcodes and labels. Import existing barcodes or print new ones. Easily add new products, create orders and list stocks.

Product organization. Group your products into categories by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, labels. Easily create custom overviews, draw up inventory or coordinate connection with your online store.

Centralized product catalog. Administer one central product catalog and synchronize your products with all your channels in order to avoid double data entry and reduce human error.



Advantages of the system

This function allows to maintain information about customers and partners, allowing to operate it easily and quickly and use it according to selected criteria.

The program offers the opportunity to collect customer data, and to send out reminders, offers and other marketing materials to customers both via E-Mail and text message.

Following warehouse inventory and critical level of stock, the program automatically generates new orders.

The program provides an opportunity to calculate bonuses for employees from sold goods or volume of services automatically.

For sales, purchases, balances. It allows you to create all necessary reports on the movement of articles quickly and easily.

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