Certified cash register system for hotels,
guesthouses and hostels

Use of the hotel management program COMPUCASH has always been so simple and at the same time so incredibly diverse. Now a wide range of tools and advanced accounting features allow to run a hotel more efficiently. The new program will be a perfect solution for hotels and guesthouses.
The COMPUCASH program is one of the most modern, smartest and safest hotel management systems in Estonia and Latvia. It allows hotel staff to increase customer service speed and quality.

The management program allows to administer the network of hotels from a central office, efficiently control all hotel processes and obtain detailed data analysis. With the management system, it is possible to issue necessary reports and make decisions for further business development. At any time of the day, it is possible to obtain accurate data about each activity in the hotel, ensuring safe and stable operation of the hotel.



Advantages of the system

provides a visual accommodation overview and quick calendar management.

prices can be set for seasons and working days.

allows to manage advance payments, settlements of accounts, transactions and covers all specific payment needs of accommodation providers. Bills can be generated on a consolidated basis, after services are provided or when it is necessary for the customer.

for easier reservations, the number of operations has been reduced; check-in and checkout can be done with one click.

a variety of report options that provide necessary reports complying with requirements of the law.

provides a convenient payment alternative. Hotel rooms are sold online, when all sold goods – including restaurant and bar products, as well as services – are provided in a bill at checkout.

statistics and registration form.

all approvals, summaries and notifications are sent automatically via E-Mail; afterwards history of the sent E-Mails and their content can be seen.

continuous sales and trustworthiness, which are especially important in a busy period. The cash register is independent from the internet; the selling is encrypted.

provides an online connection with web environments. Visitors can get an overview on available rooms and book them online.

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