GNS management program for wholesalers

The GNS program for wholesalers allows your enterprise to carry out warehouse inventory, manage the program remotely from anywhere, where an internet connection is available, as well as use existing GNS modules, thereby ensuring fast and high quality operation. It is a program that provides inventory of articles, materials and services. The program can process several warehouses, stores; it also keeps record of receipt, issue, reservation, movement and return of articles and prints various invoices, bills and other forms of documents. The system can modulate production.

You will receive a variety of reports on stock balance and its movement, which will make it possible to analyze movement of articles by their type, warehouse balances, suppliers and customers, receive various types of ratings and make orders of articles.

The system can be connected to various sorts of cash registers, thermal printers, barcode scanners and other external devices. The program can also perform additional functions, for example, it can print information labels, design barcodes and print them. The GNS program offers the opportunity to work with GNS modules, as well as the POS cash register system program. The GNS program has a professional and clear interface, which allows to learn functions of the program quickly and easily.



Advantages of the system

This function allows to maintain information about customers and partners, allowing to operate it easily and quickly and use it according to selected criteria.

The program offers the opportunity to collect customer data, and to send out reminders, offers and other marketing materials to customers both via E-Mail and text message.

Following warehouse inventory and critical level of stock, the program automatically generates new orders.

The program provides an opportunity to calculate bonuses of employees from sold goods or services automatically.

For sales, purchases, stock balance in various periods. It allows you to create all necessary reports about the movement of articles quickly and easily.

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