Management Programs for Accountancy Efficiency

COMPUCASH warehouse inventory system ensures control of article movement in fast-food restaurants, bars and cafés.

COMPUCASH advantages

The program allows you to not only enter and edit information about dishes, staff and means of payment, but also gives rights to system users. With the warehouse management module it is possible to fully control movement of restaurant goods, determine the cost-effectiveness of food, control and compare adequacy of contract prices with supplier prices, control storekeeper activities. The option to compare supplier prices allows the restaurant to reduce costs for buying products.

The modern COMPUCASH program offers a strategic planning tool for marketing campaigns that allows to introduce a flexible discount system in the restaurant, register customer cards and conduct special campaigns (happy hours, bonuses, coupons, gift card system etc.).

The program also runs offline, namely, in case of power supply disruptions it ensures data synchronization. The COMPUCASH specially adaptable management program for modern technological solutions allow bars and restaurants to reduce costs.

The GNS (Accounting Support and Warehouse Tracking System) is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises that allows listing articles on inventory, keeping track of the cash flow and planning revenues and expenses in long term.

GNS advantages

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