Cash Register Systems for Efficiency


NRDATA offers functional and user-friendly cash register systems, which can be adjusted to the requirements of any enterprise, from retail shops, cafes and garages, to large restaurants and wholesale chains. NRDATA cash register systems are certified and registered in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 96. 

We offer to equip cash register systems with our produced fiscal blocks and software, as well as to connect them with a variety of storage systems. We provide the necessary documents for certifying the systems and registering them in the State Revenue Service of Latvia.

Based on individual needs of each client, we offer a variety of devices, in order to increase business and operational efficiency: displays, additional monitors, fiscal printers, barcode readers, cash drawers, POS keyboards etc.

Because of the stability of our cash register systems, their extensive functions and user-friendliness, and professional technical support of NRDATA POS, such large enterprises as Hesburger, Optibet, Radisson and many others have chosen us as a partner in ensuring cash register systems.

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